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Wedding Photography: Photo of the month {March}

In January’s wedding photography photo of the month we talked about photographing your guests and all the moments that happen on your wedding day that you may not see.

February’s photograph showcased our focus on finding out the special touches and details that makes your wedding unique.

This month our wedding photography photo of the month returns to the most important thing about your wedding day, the two of you!

On your wedding day you both look amazing and have never been more in love. We want to take photographs of  the two of you together that captures your relationship at this moment. The images we take are not about the relationship between you and us they are about the connection between the two of you. We choose great light and give a little direction, the rest happens naturally. Our bride and groom portraits set out to do three things:

  1. Show you both looking amazing and happy on your wedding day,
  2. Capture the relationship and authentic connection between the two of you,
  3. Produce wedding photography of the two of you that is artistic, stylish & unique to you.

So what do you not get with us:

  1. No stiff or awkward posing
  2. No 2 hour photo shoot keeping you away from your guests for ages
  3. No photography trends on your finished images that will date the photograph in a few years’ time (remember black & white photos with parts of the image in colour?!)

The image below was taken during one of our 30 minute photography sessions. We normally have two of these sessions during the day. One either as a first look or after the ceremony so we can then get you back to your guests as quickly as possible and the other just as the day turns into night to capture the beautiful change in light at this time of day.

Wedding Photography

This image was created by simply asking our couple to stand in this amazing light and then a small amount of direction from us. The beauty in the bride’s expression and the fact you can feel the love on the groom’s face even though you cannot see it is testament to them being relaxed with us and each other for their wedding photography. They are in the moment, in love. We captured that authentic emotion they felt on their wedding day in this photograph.

If you would love to have you & your partner photographed in this way for your wedding, please get in touch using the contact form above and we can chat further.


Nicola and Glen are an international wedding photography duo based in the Cotswolds. They specialise in destination weddings in the English countryside servicing clients from London and abroad getting married in the English countryside. Their work is about helping people feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera and experience the joy of having their love documented. They are themselves a couple and together bring their own unique perspectives to create the most beautiful record of two people on their wedding day.





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Cotswolds - englandWedding Photography DuoWeddings By
Nicola & Glen


Cotswolds - englandWedding Photography DuoWeddings By
Nicola & Glen