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Feeding the Creative Mind: The Influence of Music (A Personal Post by Nicola)

Music really came into my life about the same time as I was growing into myself and discovering my own individuality. I remember at the age of thirteen buying my first album 13 by Blur. I must have listened to this album thousands of times, I knew every word and note. Before this, music was there but it was a happy accident; listening to my grandfather’s old records and my mom’s eclectic music collection.

It all changed when I started not only choosing what I listened to but spending a lot of time doing so. I became obsessed with discovering new music, it was a way of discovering myself. I decided to do art and drama at school, play the drums and guitar and started the first camera club with two other very creative people. Making the mix tapes that we would play in the darkroom as we developed our film was an integral part of the process. This is what music has always been about for me; an outlet for creativity and an expression of self. I find out new things about myself by how I relate to the words of a song or how a sound makes me feel.

Glen shares this love for music and for my birthday last year gave me a Rega record player. I loved it. The elegant and understated design of a device that represents something so dear to me. So now I collect records. Records that mean a lot to me and records with beautiful art on their sleeves. Music is part of what inspires our creativity and we always have it along for the drive. We are not merely photographers, we are creatives and the camera allows us to create how we see things and feel about them.

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Nicola and Glen are an international wedding photography duo based in the Cotswolds. They specialise in destination weddings in the English countryside servicing clients from London and abroad getting married in the English countryside. Their work is about helping people feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera and experience the joy of having their love documented. They are themselves a couple and together bring their own unique perspectives to create the most beautiful record of two people on their wedding day.





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Cotswolds - englandWedding Photography DuoWeddings By
Nicola & Glen


Cotswolds - englandWedding Photography DuoWeddings By
Nicola & Glen