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New Cameras: One for Me, One for You

Getting a new camera is like getting a birthday present – it’s usually something you’ve had your eye on for a while and you know how much enjoyment you’re going to get from it. This year both of us made the decision to upgrade our cameras with newer models. Ah the excitement of opening the box, hastily putting the manual out of the way and rushing out to take your first picture! A new camera is not just about fun however. There are serious reasons behind why we’ve made such a hefty financial investment. Yes new cameras are expensive! Here is why we think it’s worth it:

Updating your kit is as much about keeping up with current technology as anything else. We feel that this is part of the service we provide to our clients. As cameras improve they allow photographers to take better quality photographs in challenging situations. For example both camera we bought allow us to work in darker conditions more easily. This is great when you are photographing in a church lets say, where natural light is usually scarce but using an alternative lighting option would be intrusive and thus not the most ideal option.

A camera is the tool we use to produce our craft. Getting new and better tools is a vital part of investing in our business and producing the top level of work our clients expect. However the camera is just that, a tool. No matter how phenomenal and advanced your camera is you must know how to use it to get the results it is capable of. That is why after the excitement of unwrapping our new present and taking our first photos we return to the scene where our camera were unpacked from their shiny new boxes. We search underneath the discarded wrapping to find the manual so hastily put to one side at first and work at getting to know our new cameras; our new best friend and magic box for capturing all the beauty we witness. If you have any questions about the kit we use please leave us a comment below!

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Nicola and Glen are an international wedding photography duo based in the Cotswolds. They specialise in destination weddings in the English countryside servicing clients from London and abroad getting married in the English countryside. Their work is about helping people feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera and experience the joy of having their love documented. They are themselves a couple and together bring their own unique perspectives to create the most beautiful record of two people on their wedding day.





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Cotswolds - englandWedding Photography DuoWeddings By
Nicola & Glen


Cotswolds - englandWedding Photography DuoWeddings By
Nicola & Glen