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How to Guarantee Amazing Outdoor Bride & Groom Portraits on Your Wedding Day {Part II}

In our series on How to Guarantee Amazing Outdoor Bride & Groom Portraits on Your Wedding Day we’ve already talked about maximising the location in Part I for achieving beautiful and artistic wedding photography. As amazing as photographing our couples outdoors can be being outside means having to cope with all the various elements. The weather, the time of day and the season all impact how we photograph our couples and each scenario has its own set of challenges and advantages.

Artistic Wedding Photography – The Impact of the Elements

Artistic Wedding Photography Photo

To make the most of how the light changes throughout the day we always encourage our couples to have a second portrait session later in the day. This way their photos can maximise the best lighting conditions on the day. In summer the best light is often in the evening and in winter it is usually in the afternoon. Having two sessions means the chances of getting one session with the best light on the day is optimised.

The weather also plays an important factor when photographing outside. Being able to utilize the location when it is cold and/or their is rain in the air is possible but requires prior planning for these less than ideal conditions. We love using the natural shelter that some buildings offer when the weather is challenging and turning this into something beautiful and creative. When its cold, a warm coat and a brave bride means we can still spend carefully timed sessions outside for some stunning outdoor portraits. If its really hot and sunny (don’t laugh it could happen!) it is important to know how you use the harsh light to still achieve beautiful images without the bride and groom having harsh shadows or squinty eyes.

All these various elements may seem overwhelming to have to consider but the best thing is that you can leave these decisions to us on the day. Every wedding is different and we are trained to maximise any situation. You can relax and enjoy your day while we figure out how to best work with the conditions. We’ll also have chatted about all the various options during our pre-wedding consultations so you know we have all bases covered. We love that our Brides and Grooms trust us to take amazing photographs and work with our suggestions to get them the photos that they adore.


Nicola and Glen are an international wedding photography duo based in the Cotswolds. They specialise in destination weddings in the English countryside servicing clients from London and abroad getting married in the English countryside. Their work is about helping people feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera and experience the joy of having their love documented. They are themselves a couple and together bring their own unique perspectives to create the most beautiful record of two people on their wedding day.





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Cotswolds - englandWedding Photography DuoWeddings By
Nicola & Glen


Cotswolds - englandWedding Photography DuoWeddings By
Nicola & Glen