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What We Wear When Photographing Your Wedding

Some of you may be scratching your heads wondering why on earth this matters. Others of you might just be sitting a little more forward in your seat thinking yes I’ve been wondering about this. Firstly let me explain why what the two of us wear to photograph your wedding matters to you so we can all be on the same page. Many of our Brides and Grooms say to us they want the natural moments captured and unobtrusive photographic coverage on the day. One of the ways we can achieve just that is by fitting in with our surroundings, which is achieved by what we wear.

Let me paint a picture to illustrate what I mean. Imagine you are a guest at a beautiful wedding being held at one of England’s stunning historic buildings. The dress code is black tie and you along with all the Bride and Groom’s friends are enjoying cocktails and canapes on a sunlit terrace (I may be using a little of my creative license here when it comes to the weather!) The girls look glam in their floor length gowns and the gents dashing in their tuxes. Enter stage right two people in faded jeans and black polo shirts carrying very large cameras. Who the heck are they as they certainly weren’t invited going by the dress code so what could they be doing here? This attire I’ve described certainly is not unprofessional by any means but it does draw attention to the photographers as they stand out from the crowd because of what they are wearing. If it were us in this scenario, Glen would either be in a tux himself or a very smart suit and I would be either in a work appropriate dress or smart trousers and a blouse. We dress as close to the dress code as the guests as this helps us blend in. This works really well for us as we can capture guests more naturally and when we do interact as the professional photographers at the wedding everyone feel instantly more comfortable with us.

Below is typically what we would wear when photographing your wedding. Always smart and always professional. We choose outfits that are stylish and practical. I tend to swap my heels for wedges (I’ll always take the extra height when possible). Glen will opt for a waistcoat as jackets are too restrictive when shooting. We’ll adapt accordingly if dress codes are smarter or more relaxed or the conditions and location require it. Getting to know our couples and the day they are planning help us always choose the perfect attire.

What We Wear to Photograph a Wedding


Nicola and Glen are an international wedding photography duo based in the Cotswolds. They specialise in destination weddings in the English countryside servicing clients from London and abroad getting married in the English countryside. Their work is about helping people feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera and experience the joy of having their love documented. They are themselves a couple and together bring their own unique perspectives to create the most beautiful record of two people on their wedding day.





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Cotswolds - englandWedding Photography DuoWeddings By
Nicola & Glen


Cotswolds - englandWedding Photography DuoWeddings By
Nicola & Glen